Popular Books of the Bible to Read

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Certain parts of the Bible may reminisce stronger with your than others. This is the case with many other Christians. If you look at the top 10 most popular books of the Bible to read, they are parables and lessons shared that we can all relate to. Whether you are looking to strengthen your faith or just learn more about the Lord, check out this list of popular books of the Bible to ready today.

1. Psalms

With more than 150 songs and poems, this is a favorite of many. From the Promises of God’s protection in Psalms 91 to the Assurances of God’s Presence in Pslams 139, you will definitely want to go back and read this book.

Similar Books: 1 & 2 Samuel | Lamentations

2. Matthew

This Gospel is the introduction of Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews. It was written for Jewish audience helping to show the prophecies Jesus fulfills.

Similar Books: Isaiah | Hebrews

3. John

John writes for the reader to believe in Jesus. Anticipating the coming of the Holy Spirit and proclaiming the oneness of God the Father, this is the next book to read after Matthew.

Similar Books: 1 John | 2 & 3 John

4. Romans

This is the book of Paul writing to the church of Rome explaining the gospel. From areas of salvation, grace, and Jewish law, Paul tells of how to live in response.

Similar Books: Galatians | 1 Peter

5. Proverbs

With the wise Soloman penning many of these sayings himself, Proverbs is about helping God’s people make the right decisions for wisdom and justice.

Similar Books: Ecclesiastes | James

6. Genesis

This is the first book of the Bible where the whole story begins. Discussing the promises and blessings of God, the story of creation, the Great Flood, and God’s promises to Abraham can be found here.

Similar Books: Exodus | 1 & 2 Samuel

7. Luke

Luke provides a details account of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. With a chronological account of the Savior’s ministry, this is the longest book of the New Testament.

Similar Books: Acts

8. 1 Corinthians

Paul writes a letter to the Church of Corinth to help address several issues they were suffering from. Encouraging them to put God’s glory first, this book contains one of the most popular chapters of the Bible. The thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians is also known as the Love Chapter for its famous passage of “Love is patient; love is kind…”

Similar Books: 2 Corinthians | 1 John

9. Isaiah

Written by the prophet Isaiah, this book discusses the things to come both in judgement and God’s kindness and grace. Several prophecies are made concerning Jesus that are popularly referenced.

Similar Books: Matthew | Hosea

10. Acts

Acts is the second part of Luke’s historical account. From Jesus rising from the dead o the Roman world, this book is a key to understanding Christianity and the New Testament.

Similar Books: Luke | Romans