Hi, my name is Hannah Hamblin. Owner/Editor of CherishJesus.com. Let’s get acquainted!

5 Interesting Facts About Me

1. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart.
2. I am legally blind.
3. I found Christ as a single parent of two children.
4. God has allowed me to believe with His help, “all things are possible.”
5. I am able with God’s help and guidance.

My faith is strong! Becoming legally blind at such a young age naturally caused me to lean on Christ. I know I am disabled, but with God’s help and guidance, there are no limitations that stop me from getting where I need to go in life. Because of my strong faith, I launched CherishJesus.com to share encouraging messages with others around the world. I focus on bringing Christian products and gospel to the masses through my online store. My primary focus is to keep faith alive.

Early Years

One of my first sales job was selling cosmetic products through Avon. I than went on to sell chocolate delights throughout New York City. When I became a Christian, I changed my birth name to become known as Hannah Hamblin. I have learned the meaning of your name reflects your identity. I chose Hannah because of her perseverance in the Bible and prayer to the Lord. This resonated with my belief to trust in the Lord always and not lean on my own understanding.


I serve as a volunteer in ministry as a prayer counselor, praying for anyone that needs prayers in time of need. In addition, I have worked as a Marketing Director for a home care agency which sends nurses out to help the elderly and disable throughout the New Jersey and New York City area. I believe as a believer, you should “study to show thyself approve” and to grow in faith as a believer. Having studied in college to be a counselor, I enjoy helping others in counseling based upon biblical principles. I’ve even participated in selling faith message apparels that allow myself and others to share our faith.

My mission to share my faith in Jesus through motivational testaments and products that represent our faith.

Here is one appearance I made at the ATLAH World Ministry Church where I spoke about my life.

If you wish to have a prayer said for you, submit your request here. I will share your prayer on our prayer board.