Every single Christian, regardless of the strength and age of their faith, has dealt with a test of their beliefs. Life happens, and people like to think that they’re always in control. When this control gets challenged by life events, we have a difficult time accepting that some things are simply out of our hands.

God’s will is something that none of us have the capacity to completely understand. This is where faith comes in. Faith is trust. Trusting in a loving God even when we don’t understand His methods. Trusting that He will help us through difficult times, and trusting God to be there even when we don’t understand His presence.

To do this, we need to take the initiative to remind ourselves of our beliefs. Going to church on Sunday is a good start, but your commitment to your faith can’t end there. Every one of us needs to take God with us everywhere that we go. This is done in word and deed. Being a good Christian means proclaiming your love for God in all things, especially within the confines of our home. When you’re having a terrible day, and feel like everything is crashing down around you- it can help to look up and see that cross hanging on your wall as a reminder that things will be okay. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember two things: Our life here on Earth is only temporary, and our lives with Jesus Christ are eternal.

Love one another, love God, and surround yourself with reminders of his love. Many people have been reluctant to display reminders of their commitment to Christianity around their homes. This is more than decoration. This is a symbol of recognition, and a way to keep your mind actively focused on faith. There are many ways to incorporate Jesus home décor into your life in positive and tasteful ways:

Set Aside an Area for Worship

Our love for Jesus Christ needs to be alive and well within our homes. This keeps us focused on faith and moving in the right direction. Having an area in your home dedicated primarily to personal worship can help you to commune with God. Whether it’s a bedroom or an office, you can adorn your quiet area with a beautiful cross, and display family bibles or personal things that remind you of God’s love. Anything that helps you to feel more connected spiritually will help to bring this space together. Whether you’re going through a time of personal trials, or you simply want to stop and thank God for the day- this will be a welcome spot in your home.

Memorialize Favorite Versus

No matter what you’re going through or what your questions are, there’s a verse in the bible that can help. Some of these verses speak to us more than others, and these can help remind us of what’s truly important. Using plaques or simple décor ideas to display these verses can give us an active reminder of a way that God has worked in our lives.

Greet with God

Placing a cross on the door, or placing bible verses in the foyer can be a great way to bring people into your home. This is an outward proclamation of faith, and it lets people know that they’ll find a little bit of God’s love here. In a world that seems afraid to embrace religion, this is a way to say that Christianity is alive and well in many places. God is love, the more of Him that you can bring into your home- the better!